Buyers’ options plentiful as many sellers list homes to start 2013

January 29th, 2013

Buyers may have a larger housing inventory to choose from in 2013.

Many existing homeowners who have been eager to sell are planning to do so in 2013 to take advantage of current market conditions, according to a new Redfin Real-Time Home Seller survey.

Positive housing market trends have not been lost on sellers and many are choosing this year to unload their properties in search of new homes. This is also good news for buyers because they will have more properties to choose from and sellers may be more willing to negotiate on pricing.

The survey found that 49 percent of homeowners planned to sell their houses this year, up from 45 percent last quarter. Another 54 percent said they believe 2013 is a good year to purchase a home.

As more people seek to unload existing properties in 2013 and builders anticipate a higher demand for new homes, potential buyers should begin working with a mortgage consultant early to get application materials in order. Housing officials predict that while consumers may have a larger housing inventory to choose from, competition may also heat up as buyers seek out the best deals.