Larger number of people rely on internet to research potential homes

January 8th, 2013

The internet is one of the first resources people turn toward when researching the homebuying process.

When it comes to finding their dream homes, a new study shows that many people turn to the internet as a primary resource for seeking out properties and learning more about the home buying process.

A new study conducted jointly by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and Google found that real-estate searches on Google have increased 253 percent during the last four years. The results show that search engines were relied upon the most during the beginning stages of a home search, while maps were used most often toward the middle of searching for new and existing properties. Mobile applications were used heavily during the end of the home search process.

“These results parallel the trends shown in NAR’s economic research reports,” said NAR president Gary Thomas. “As home sales and prices continue to trend up, more people are regaining confidence to invest in their future through homeownership.”

Researching homes and the buying process online can provide individuals with a great deal of information, but contacting a mortgage consultant is also an important step. A seasoned professional can help buyers understand the intricacies and more complex aspects of the mortgage process which can simplify the buying process.