Pre-approval is the smart way to begin the loan process and should be completed before shopping for your home. We gather information about your credit, income, assets and debts to establish how much house you can afford. Loan programs have different qualifying rules and amounts. The pre-approval process is where we determine the best loan program, maximum house payment and loan amount for your situation. By knowing what you can purchase before you shop, you can now shop houses with confidence.


Advantages of pre-approval include:

  • Gives you leverage in the purchase process
  • Helps you expedite closing
  • Tells sellers & Realtors® you’re ready to buy

Every borrower has a unique situation, and is analyzed on a case-by-case basis. GenEquity Mortgage, Inc. is in the business of providing mortgages, and our primary purpose is to help you qualify for approval, whenever possible. GenEquity is highly knowledgeable of best practices and lending guidelines; therefore, we are able to assist our borrowers in navigating the mortgage process and often times can find solutions for loans that may have been declined by other lenders.