Successful lending requires teamwork!

What's in it for you, the Realtor?

  • Preparing buyer & seller for successful lending
  • Leverage in contract negotiations
  • Addressing required seller concessions
  • Getting to the closing table
  • Establishing rapport with your lender
  • Setting expectations for payment & price
  • Upfront selection of proper financing


Four simple letter facts:

  1. All letters are not the same. 
  2. Lenders use different letters, language & terms.
  3. The words in every letter tell you a story.
  4. Accept only the State of Texas form!


Texas has excellent promulgated forms for bankers and brokers.

Protect your real estate transactions by requiring the State of Texas letter!

If your lender isn't knowledgeable, send them to:


Letter Do's & Dont's


  • Present & negotiate offers with Texas letter only.
  • Obtain letters with specific property address & terms. 
  • Use a lender that honors their letters.
  • Read the letter before use.
  • Call lender with questions before use.


  • Present or negotiate offers without letters.
  • Accept other letter versions.
  • Take generic letters without address or terms.
  • Accept dated or aged letters.